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The OH&WG Wellness Program

The Inflammatory Disease Control Protocol (IDCP) is a compilation of all that is new and current, with regard to the control of periodontal inflammation. It constitutes the most current thinking of the most predictable, and time sensitive approach to patient care. The sequence is designed to treat the inflammatory disease component, in the shortest time possible and with the best long-term results. Instrumentation of the root surfaces is performed according to full mouth disinfection protocols, so as to avoid translocation of periodontal pathogens including use of 10% povidone iodine irrigation, chlorhexidine topical administration, and the use of DNA-PCR technology. This provides the clinician the ability to use targeted antimicrobial therapy as a significant adjunct to mechanical instrumentation. IDCP is well supported by the contemporary literature, both in its sequence of therapy and its long term success. The program is easy to follow and makes for an enjoyable time for both patient and clinician. The program's design and booklet with illustrations helps patients understand their need for treatment and enhances the clinician’s ability to better case acceptance. “Let us survey your office today and show you how simple this can be”  



"OHWG really brings a fresh new approach to office transformation. They become more like family and deliver on every promise they make. They are a company with great passion and tangible skills. They increased my overall office production and revenue by over 75%" Today what was a struggling company is now the second largest pediatric practice in Connecticut averaging business in the tens of millions. Mike's approach is surgical an precise. Under his leadership, staff rise above and beyond, decisions are fast and accurate, systems built and a real team to support the Doctors emerges"  

Dr Helene Strazza
Stamford CT


Key Features:

  • Expected increase in revenue 25-35%
  • Our follow through implementation process
  • Communications training for Hygienists
  • Standardization for Hygiene departments 
  • New educational approach in DNA testings
  • Regular visit from key personnel


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