Buying or Selling


The Concept

Working with myself and several DSO or Consulting companies we will provide you with a clear understanding of your life as a dental owner during and after a practice sale. You will maintain leadership, clinical directorship and most importantly, DSO affiliation with when selling to a DSO. This affiliation provides you with an opportunity to grow your practice and benefit from the equity ownership in the Private Equity firm. We have been known to pay the right price all the time and enjoy empowering you for success. We can put our financial strength behind you, while you practice and alleviating the burden of ownership and administration whilst having you join our groups clinical directorship. If you simply want to list your company we will provide a fast turn around to many in the dental practice sales network. We typically find a potential buyer within one week.   

Phase 1
We start with a simple conversation explaining how it all works. Our ideal practice normally does 1.1 million in collections, has 6 ops and a solid track record. You learn about our business model, our clinical philosophy, and the benefits of partnership. Get to know our team and services and references to dozens of satisfied customers. We’ll learn about your practice, your goals for practice transition, and what you personally are looking to do next in your career. We can share information confidentially and help you assess the value of your practice. 

Here is some of the benefits to partnering with the largest DSO in New England:

· Human Resources, locating new employees, management of the existing employee   base and payroll support

· IT support, cloud computing management and hardware management.

· Insurance processing, claims submission and revenue cycle management

· Advertising and enhancing new patient leads

· Compliance support and CE credit opportunities and all the latest technology

Phase 2
We will start by gathering up information to assess your company. Production reports and tax returns will be called for. Our experts will study your business model and if we both agree that a partnership makes sense, we will make an offer for your practice(s) and structure a deal that works for you. Once we reach a confirmation of mutual interest and outline preliminary terms, we can sign a Letter of Intent and move forward.

Phase 3
We will work expeditiously to close the transaction and ensure a smooth integration into our organization, so you can reap the benefits of the partnership quickly. Our team will be very proactive in guiding your staff and the practice through the transition. Our implementation team will be on site daily to guide you through the process. You will receive payment for your practice promptly and can continue to treat your patients every day as we work together to grow your business.

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