Testimonial Dr Jack Zazzaro (Southbury,CT)

“Amazing fast and impactful change. My hygiene department broke its past 3 year record and went up 37% in one month. Recession proof and smart is what I call the folks from OH&WG”.         

Testimonial Dr Jim Aris (Wilton,CT)

After one sit down meeting with this company I decided to use them and I am so pleased I did. My overall practice grew 25% in three months and my hygiene department has grown every month for 4 months and retained since, reaching a 35% production increase”. 


Testimonial: Dr Caroline Shenker (Fairfield, CT)
"When i met the team of OH&WG, little did I know that they would prove to be such a complete solution to my office. From HR to patient retention, financial growth and an amazing perio program, all changed the face and future of my office. My staff and I could not have expected more from a team and company that undertsand how to blends its strenghts to build a dental office"


Testimonial: Dr Arnold Weinstein (West Hartford, CT)
"What made the difference for me was realizing that the products and services I sell are only as strong as the program that manages them. This program delivers the concepts needed for great patient care and effective perio maintenance. I experienced a 31% increase in two months"


Testimonial: Dr Helene Strazza (Stamford, CT)
"OHWG really brings a fresh new approach to office transformation. They become more like family and deliver on every promise they make. They are a company with great passion and tangible skills. They increased my overall office production and revenue by over 75%"


Testimonial: Dr Marilyn Geni (Westport, CT)
After purchasing a marquee office in Westport and having been the associate so some 15 years, I was introduced to the owner of Oral Health and Wellness Group. I asked him to help streamline my company, my team and hygiene department. One year later I have all of the tasks completed and we are  still growing fast. OHWG grew my practice not with manuals and small talk but by being present weekly. Over the period of one year we grew 27% overall for a multi-million dollar practice. OHWG has my vote for a great company with a powerful network of competent people.

Testimonial: Dr Masha Kogan (Westport, CT)
I recently purchased my dental practice. OHWG was my choice to help me through the purchase and restructure. It has been a wonderful experience. Not only did they help with the contracts, they also helped transition the staff and patients into the new protocols without effecting momentum and growth. I am still working with them on various projects to enhance my company. They bring a peaceful yet straight forward management style to everything they do. I have also installed their new perio program that has both trained and educated my pateints and staff. I endorse this company fully.  

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