Key Features:

  • Results orientated program
  • Successful prophy to perio patient transition
  • Not a product driven program
  • Better case acceptance
  • Simple to follow for entire staff
  • Re-educaton in hygiene protocols

The Program Overview:

All over America dental offices are still in need of a good, solid approach to periodontal therapy. Many offices have no standard program or are using an inhouse adaption of the old STM program; even though we have made significant strides in the treatment of periodontitis. Programs of all shapes and styles are been birthed that do not offer the most current protocols for management. Studies have shown that we once thought 70% of the people in America suffer from some form of periodontitis, but the NIH has recently announced that these statistics are 50% higher than the actual number of patients who exhibit the disease.

If you hear more about inflammation control, systemic disease and DNA testing, you are heading in the right direction, in an office that has advanced its approach to patient care. So what is inflammation control and what is the new program offered by the Oral Health and Wellness Group, known as the IDCP (Inflammatory Disease Control Protocol)? It is an approach to the management of the periodontal patient, based on very contemporary thinking and the need to suppress the oral inflammatory burden. Untreated oral inflammation, the body's immune response to plaque pathogens, has systemic effects. Mediators of inflammation are found throughout the body, and are linked to a wide range of diseases and conditions. Among them are diabetes, chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's, low birth-weight preterm babies, arthritis, and oral cancer. Any disease with an inflammatory component, and there are others, can be helpfully affected by reducing the inflammatory burden. Our new powerful program, communication training and educational support, will change the way your office functions forever.

The IDCP addresses these critical issues by providing a distinct sequence of therapeutic modalities, including DNA-PCR testing for specific pathogens, also the patient's genetic predisposition to periodontal disease, and the over-expression of harmful inflammatory mediators. IDCP is a program that addresses immune and oral WELLNESS

"A Proficient Approach to Periodontal Treament for all Hygiene Departments."

 "After one sit down meeting with this company I decided to use them and was so pleased I did. My overall practice grew 25% in three months.My hygiene department has grown every month for the past 4 months and has retained this after reaching a 35% production increase.    

Dr. Jim Aris (Wilton,CT)


dr_weinstein.jpg"What made the difference for me was realizing that the products and services I sell are only as strong as the program that manages them. This program delivers the concepts needed for great patient care and effective perio maintenance.   I experienced a 31% increase in two months"

Dr Arnold Weinstein (West Hartford, CT)

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